Cyber-Safety Division 

By Computing at Schools.

Computing at Schools, Cyber Division specialise in aiding Primary and Post-Primary schools to educate their Students, Teachers, and Parents how to stay safe online, ensuring a culture of awareness and well-being. Our specialised Cyber Division ensures all our audiences are fully aware of the dangers that are present on the Internet. We specialise in the creation of up to date Acceptable Use Policies (AUP’s) which are a requirement for all post-primary schools.  See our comprehensive packages and competitive prices below.


Acceptable Technology Use Policy Process

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Acceptable Usage Policy Process

In addition to this training every school has its own Broadband Team.  They filter traffic on school services, administer anti-virus and manage the centralised firewall.  For information on School Content Filtering read here

Cyber Safety Division

The Internet is a fantastic resource. It is your responsibilty to ensure you keep your students, staff and school safe.

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Cyber-Safety Workshops for Students, Teachers and Parents.

Education is the key!