Computing and Coding Talks

Primary Schools

Our mission is to simply get as many primary and post-primary schools delivering computing and coding modules. If you or your school needs any aid training, setting up, developing or implementing a computing and coding programmes please contact Trevor @ or 087-6873933

What services do we offer to the primary sector?

In-house Training Events & Workshops:

1. Primary Sector Computing and Coding Teacher Training Programmes.

2. In class Computing and Coding Teacher Training Programmes. (Live class environment)

3. Online Protection Programmes for Schools, Kids & Parents.

4. Computing & Coding ‘What’s it all about’ talks for Schools, Kids & Parents.

5. Independent Hardware & WIFI Audits to aid with systems Modernisation.


Off-Site Training Events:

6. Phase 1 – Primary Sector Computing and Coding Teacher Training Programmes.

7. Phase 2 – Full day of Scratch: MIT/Harvard Syllabus.

8. Phase 3 – An introduction to HTML/CSS for Primary Schools.


Affordable Modern App & Website Development for Schools.

We also provide an App and Website development service through This entity is to help schools ensure they are communicating with a holistic approach to all their stakeholders by ensuring they have access to modern tools such as affordable Apps that will allow the school do push notification with no hidden charges.

We also specialise in building modern mobile device friendly website which thereafter allows the schools to have full management of their content. If you have any question or queries the App or Website development services. Please do not hesitate to contact Trevor @ or on 087-6873933.

Off-Site Training Events and Dates.


“Primary Sector Computing and Coding Teacher Training Programme”

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important”.