Leaving Cert Computer Science – Strand 1 Part 1 – Practices and principles

Leaving Certificate Computer Science Off-Site

Strand 1 Part 1 – Practices and principles – Computational thinking + Computers and society

This one day workshop will be run on a Saturday to facilitate teachers and principals to travel and give the attendees the tools, skills, material and confidence to delivery.

The overarching practices and principles of computer science are the behaviours and ways of thinking that computer scientists use. This strand underpins the specification and is fundamental to all learning activities. By becoming familiar with, and fluent in, the practices and principles that underpin good practise, students, develop their ability to manage themselves and their learning across the subject.

What will be covered?

S1: Computational thinking
Students learn about Elements Students should be able to Material Action
1. Computational thinking 1.1 Describe a systematic process for solving problems and making decisions Supplied Supplied
1.2 Explain how the power of computing enables different solutions to difficult problems Supplied Supplied
2. Problem solving 1.3 Solve problems by deconstructing them into smaller units using a systematic approach in an iterative fashion Supplied Supplied
1.4 Solve problems using skills of logic Supplied Supplied
3. Logical thinking 1.5 Evaluate alternative solutions to computational problems Supplied Supplied
1.6 Explain the operation of a variety of algorithms Supplied Supplied
1.7 Develop algorithms to implement chosen solutions Supplied Supplied
4. Algorithmic thinking 1.8 evaluate the costs and benefits of the use of computing technology in automating processes Supplied Supplied
1.9 Use modelling and simulation in relevant situations Supplied Supplied
1.10 Discuss when heuristics should and could be used and explain the limitations of using heuristics Supplied Supplied
S1:  Computers and society
Students learn about Elements Students should be able to Material Action
5. Social and ethical considerations of computing technologies 1.11 Discuss the complex relationship between computing technologies and society including issues of ethics Supplied Supplied
1.12 Compare the positive and negative impacts of computing on culture and society Supplied Supplied
6. Turing machines: The Internet; Machine learning; Artificial intelligence 1.13 Identify important computing developments that have taken place in the last 100 years and consider emerging trends that could shape future computing technologies Supplied Supplied
1.14 Explain when and what machine learning and AI algorithms might be used in certain contexts Supplied Supplied
7. User-centred design 1.15 Consider the quality of the user experience when interacting with computers and list the principles of universal design, including the role of a user interface and the factors that contribute to its usability Supplied Supplied
1.16 Compare two different user interfaces and identify different design decisions that shape the user experience Supplied Supplied
1.17 Describe the role that adaptive technology can play in the lives of people with special needs Supplied Supplied
1.18 Recognise the diverse roles and careers that use computing technologies Supplied Supplied

You will need a laptop on the day!

To get the most from the day you will need to download the following programmes onto your laptop:

Notepad++ & Python all are available free from here

We also cover this material as an in-house option where we visit your school. For further information please email trevor@computingatschools.ie 

Next Workshop

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Dublin                   Talbot Hotel Stillorgan                      26th October 2019                Saturday

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Further Workshops

We are continuously receiving inquiries about the next upcoming Phase 1 workshop. This will be scheduled based on demand. If you are interested please forward an email to trevor@computingatschools.ie stating your location of preference. Limerick, Cork or Dublin.

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