Leaving Cert Computer Science – Strand 1 Part 2 – Practices and principles

This one day workshop will be run on a Saturday to facilitate teachers and principals to travel and give the attendees the tools, skills, material and confidence to delivery.

Strand 1 Part 2: Practices and principles
The overarching practices and principles of computer science are the behaviours and ways of thinking that computer scientists use. This strand underpins the specification and is fundamental to all learning activities. By becoming familiar with, and fluent in, the practices and principles that underpin good practise, students, develop their ability to manage themselves and their learning across the subject.

What will be covered? 

S1: Designing and developing
Students learn about Elements Students should be able to Material Action
8. Design process 1.19 Identify features of both staged and iterative design and development processes Supplied Supplied
9. Working in a team, assigning roles and responsibilities 1.20 Collaborate and assign roles and responsibilities within a team to tackle a computing task Supplied Supplied
1.21 Identify alternative perspectives, considering different disciplines, stakeholders and end users Supplied Supplied
10. Communication and reporting 1.22 Read, write, test, and modify computer programs Supplied Supplied
11. Software development and management 1.23 Reflect and communicate on the design and development process Supplied Supplied

You will need a laptop on the day!

To get the most from the day you will need to download the following programmes onto your laptop:

Notepad++ & Python all are available free from here

Next Workshop

Locations:           Venue:                                           Dates:                                      Day:

Limerick                  Maldron Hotel Limerick               14th December 2019                Saturday

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Further Workshops

We are continuously receiving inquiries about the next upcoming Phase 1 workshop. This will be scheduled based on demand.  If you are interested please forward an email to trevor@computingatschools.ie stating your location of preference. Limerick, Cork or Dublin.

We also cover this material as an in-house option where we visit your school.

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