Phase 1 – Introduction to our Modern Digital World & Programming with Scratch (2nd – 4th Class)

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important” – Bill Gates

In the modern world computer technology seems ever-present; it surrounds us on a daily basis. Jobs of the future will most likely involve an element of computing so possessing a good understanding of a range of computing skills is increasingly important.

Scratch is a suite of interactive media creation tools that will challenge a child to grasp complex computational relationships and encourage an understanding of logic, mathematics, and the importance of organized thinking.

This element of Teacher CPD requires 4/5 hours to complete. We travel to you and give the attendees the tools, skills, and confidence to explore blended techniques learning in their classroom and start to understand and introduce Computer Science elements.

Workshop Overview:

  1. Introduction to our modern digital world
  2. How can technology aid me to teach?
  3. Empowering our students
  4. Coding with Scratch
  • How to keep you and your school safe from Malware.
  • Virus and Malware! What software should I use to protect myself? What is an update? Who sends it? What does it do?
  • How to keep your Laptops and PC clean and safe.
  • Understanding Blended Learning Teaching.
  • Youtube for Education.
  • What is important to understand when purchasing new hardware?
  • Educational Website Usage.
  • Online Safety for Kids – YAPPY
  • How to get the most from Tablets and IPads.
  • What is Computing and Coding all about?

Introduction to Primary Sector Computing and Coding through Scratch.

  • Introduction to Computing & Coding – Introduction clips.
  • Start on help example 1 “Getting started”
  • Think like a computer!
  • What can sprites do?
  • Make things move
  • Costumes
  • Events
  • Loops
  • Pen Turtle
  • Variables
  • Maths
  • Strings and List
  • Co-Ordinates
  • Computing and Coding through CS Unplugged (Paper Exercises).

You will need to download the following program onto your laptop.  You will need a laptop on the day!
Scratch 2.0 Offline, Notepad++ & Python all are available free from HERE

In-House: We travel to you and delivery to as many staff as you wish. To request a quotation for this options email