Teacher Training – Introduction to Computer Science Post-Primary Workshop.

Introduction to Computer Science – Computing, Programming & ICT Skills for Teachers:


Recent statistics and surveys have shown a very poor entry level into the field of Computer Science (CS), statistics also show high dropout rates for the students who do enter third level CS due to a basic lack of exposure. The aim of this course is to aid teachers to introduce their students to CS and take the fear out of the unknown whilst giving their students an overview of the different elements of Computer Science, thus allowing the student to make an educated choice to consider CS as a progressive third level option.


Teachers: The goal of this module is to arm teachers with the skills and resources to be able to introduce their students to computing, coding, ICT skills and the area of Computer Science in a fun and exciting way. This module was designed with this goal in mind and to ensure the fear is taken out of the unknown.

Students: At the end of the course, students will have a good understanding of all the elements. They will learn how to work together in teams and have the opportunity to present their work to their peers and teachers.


  1. Industry Introduction:
  2. Introduction to Programming. (Use Scratch)
  3. Computer Science (CS) Unplugged
  4. Introduction to industry elements:
  5. HTML & CSS: (Use Worksheets)
  6. Exploring Python:

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Locations:           Venue:                                           Dates:                                      Day:

Dublin                   Talbot Hotel Stillorgan                21st March                                 Saturday

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TY Teacher Training Course:

This course is presently only offered as an in-house option. We visit the school and delivery to as many teachers as you wish. Workshops are scheduled for a Friday and need 5 hours for delivery. Most importantly you receive over 100+ hours resources and we will cover Coding through Scratch, HTML & CSS and Python. TY Students will embrace all of these areas, it also gives them a good overview of CS and therefore may allow them to consider this as a viable third level choice.

Upon completion of this course, TY teachers will be able to develop a tailor-made CS course to suit TY timetables.

Resource Only Offer: – You Purchase the material

Where can these resources be used?

  1. New Junior Cycle (JC) Short Coding Course – Roadmap with appropriate resources for the 3 strands.
  2. Transition Year Computer Science elements.
  3. Used ad-hoc for schools, Youthreach, National Learning Centres which are not implementing the JC Short Coding Course.

These resource cover.

  • Introduction to Coding by the usage of Scratch.
  • CS Unplugged.
  • Pseudo Code and Flowcharts.
  • Appropriate blending learning Tech Clips via You-tube, which covers Coding/Programming, HTML/CSS, The Internet & The Web, Networking, Operating Systems, Linux, Computing & Computers, Python, Hacking, Internet Safety and Useful Websites.
  • HTML/CSS Lesson Plans.
  • Python Lesson Plans.

These resources will give your school the material to implement CS into the classroom.  More importantly, giving teachers time to upskill in this new area without also having to try and find appropriate teaching resources.

To get the most from the day you will need to download the following programmes onto your laptop:

Notepad++ & Python all are available free from HERE

The cost of these CS resources developed by Computing at Schools is a once of payment of €300. This offer is presently discounted from €400. To avail of this limited resource offer please send an email to trevor@computingatschools.ie Subject “Post-Primary Computing Resources” with your school details and Trevor will forward an invoice. If you wish to discuss an element of this email please feel free to contact Trevor directly on 087-6873933.

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