Mindfulness in Schools

Through our programmes, we help students and teachers effectively manage stress, regulate emotions and achieve balance and focus all proven benefits of mindfulness.

A Harvard study has estimated we are present about 50 percent of the time. The rest of the time we are in the past, the future or in our heads. Imagine how much more we could all do, be and achieve if we could be more present more of the time.

Learning the powerful practice of meditation at a young age can help children in a number of key ways:

  • Effectively manage stress
  • Focus better so they can do better at school or in any subject
  • Focus better on the career or sport they want to pursue
  • Learn to regulate emotions
  • Relate better with others
  • Mindfulness is a valuable life skill that can enhance all areas of life

A 2017 study by the Royal College of Surgeons, shows that one in three children will have experienced a mental health problem by the time he or she reaches 13 years.  A 2018 UCD study found that:

  • One in four students said they feel stressed at the end of the day and find it hard to concentrate and
  • Over 50% of students have difficulty concentrating in class or on study because of day-to-day stress.

Exams place additional pressures on students as demonstrated by a recent Samaritans report in April 2019 which stated that the leaving cert results day was their busiest in 2017.

For anything in life to work, it needs to be consistently driven and supported at all levels. We offer mindfulness programmes to students, teachers and parents.  Sessions will be adapted to the needs, challenges, goals and context of the different groups and their ages and stages in life.

Mindfulness practices have been around for 1000s of years in many traditions.  While they will not solve all mental health problems, a recent study has shown that it is beneficial for up to 95 percent of people.

Wellbeing Programme by Computing At School Ireland


1. Meditation & mindfulness for teachers and or parents.

This programme will give teachers and parents the ‘how-to’ of meditation and being mindful for their own benefit.  It will also enable them to support the children in their care to be more mindful and reap the powerful benefits of the practice including the ability to effectively manage stress, regulate emotions and sleep and focus better so they can get better results with less stress and greater happiness.

2. Meditation and mindfulness for exam students.

This is tailored to helping students focus better and overcome exam pressure. Sessions could be delivered as a one-off or at two or three critical intervals during the academic year. The aim of the sessions is to help students learn how to think in a way that will make them both successful and happy. Students will learn different tools to help them relax, reset and recharge depending on their mood and mindset.

3. Meditation and Mindfulness for all Students.

Students will learn the key tools and benefits of daily mindfulness. The theme, focus, examples, and pace of each session will be age and style appropriate acknowledging that different age groups have different interests and challenges. The sessions will educate students on general stresses and make the more self-aware and aware of how we all affect others by our moods and outlook.

Help your students to reap the powerful and empowering benefits of mindfulness: All the above options can be tailored to fit your budget or timetable. If you require any further details or would like a quotation please send an email to: trevor@computingatschools.ie

Summer Wellbeing CPD for Teachers 

Introduction to Wellbeing and Mindfulness for Schools and Teachers programme.


Preparing teachers to deliver an introductory session sharing the fundamentals of wellbeing and mindfulness in their schools


The costs of stress, depression and anxiety are increasingly evident in educational institutions.  A 2018 survey found that one in four students said they feel stressed at the end of the day and find it hard to concentrate and over 50% of students have difficulty concentrating in class or on study because of day-to-day stress. Stress is contagious. Learner stress adds to teacher stress. A 2015 poll commissioned by the ASTI found that 60 per cent of secondary teachers said they were “feeling continuously stressed”.

Our Introductory Wellbeing and Mindfulness for Schools and Teachers workshop will give participants key insights about stress, what causes it and how to effectively manage it. They will also learn about the seven pillars of wellbeing. They will also learn about how the mind works which gives key insights into how to create a life that is happy, productive and meaningful. Participants will also learn a range of relaxation and meditation practices to help them focus, destress, slow down, re-energise and feel great.

They will also get an outline, relevant content and learn how to deliver a 40 minute to 1 hour “Introductory wellbeing talk” to staff, students and or parents in their school. This will prepare them to share tools to effectively manage and minimise stress, and boost focus, achievement, happiness and wellbeing with colleagues, teachers, students and parents in their school.

For more details on the programme, please contact trevor@computingatschools.ie