Primary Schools

Primary Computing Provides ICT & Computer Science Pre-Recorded Classroom Lessons For Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

MakeThatCourse™ Is A 30-Hour Programme Which Allows Students To Create Their Own Online Course

Cyber Safety

Cyber School provides a one-stop-shop solution for cyber safety compliance to school students, staff & parents

Our Mission Is To Empower Young People With The Tools & Skills To Thrive In The 21st Century.

We develop programmes and online courses designed to equip students with insight and experience of modern technology and modern computing languages.

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Helping Schools Keep Pace

We understand the pressures on schools to keep pace with modern technology and provide modern skills for their students. We work for schools to provide them with resources that enable them to:

  • Embed ICT & Computer Science In The School’s Curriculum
  • Upskill Their Teachers In ICT While In The Classroom
  • Provide Online Content For Students To Work On At Home.
  • Provide Engaging, Project-Based “Active” Lessons
  • Link To STEM+A Objectives Throughout The Curriculum

About Us

We are a team of highly qualified teachers, with backgrounds in IT, Training & Teaching, led by co-founders Trevor Murphy (NCEA, Dip, HDip and MSc) & Steve O’Connor (BA, PGCE, Former Secondary School Teacher).

We firmly believe that “Together, We Get Better” and based around that philosophy, we partner with schools to bring massive improvements to the way they can deliver 21st Century Life Skills to their students. 

  • Crafted with care

    Because the people behind Wise Educate are teachers and parents, we are sensitive to the differing needs of students and children. Put simply, we care, and that’s why the products we provide take into account learners of all types.

  • Engaging, Enjoyable & Fun

    We ensure that the resources and courses that we provide are made up of “active” lessons, so that the students are engaged with enjoyable activities. The result is that our students have fun while they learn.

  • Modern Evolving Life Skills

    The world and technology that we know is continuously evolving in many directions. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, consistent excellence and sustained evolution of our products, so that our offerings will evolve with the times.