Bespoke Transition Year Programmes

We Align With The DEP TY Objectives!

All of our programmes are online digital lessons. Teachers need no experience in these areas. Within the TY sector, lessons are all self directed learning. Click here to get in touch and discuss your options.

Overall Aims

  • Education for maturity with the emphasis on personal development including social awareness and increased social competence.

  • The promotion of general, technical and academic skills with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and self-directed learning.

  • Education through experience of adult and working life as a basis for personal development and maturity.


  • Introduction to Computer Science Workshop – Coding with Scratch (Computer Lab Required)

  • An Introduction to HTML & CSS Post-Primary – Building Web Pages (Computer Lab Required)

  • An Introduction to Python Programming – Real World (Computer Lab Required)

  • Cyber Safety & Digital Citizenship Programme (Lab not required. As many classes as you wish, can attend this programme at the same time)

Programme Details
Teacher CPD

Why Students Should Undertake CyberSafety

Listen to our students!

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