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The overall aim with our bespoke Transition Year Programmes is to align with the Department of Educations – TY Mission and Objectives. We also want to make your student’s TY experience topical and engaging! Together We Get Better!

Overall Aims
The following aims are interrelated and interdependent and should be strongly reflected in every Transition Year programme:

1. Education for maturity with the emphasis on personal development including social awareness and increased social competence.
2. The promotion of general, technical and academic skills with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and self-directed learning.
3. Education through experience of adult and working life as a basis for personal development and maturity.

These bespoke courses greatly enhance problem-solving, interpersonal and self-directional skills helping students succeed in their future careers. They also aim to increase awareness and encourage interest in the field of Computer Science and Business. These courses give an overview of the subject areas to enhance students awareness and therefore aid their college course selection. Each of these courses is bespoke they can be tailored to your school’s requirements with respect to length and course depth.

Computing Disciplines

  • Introduction Computer Science & Programming Through Scratch (Standard Lengthen – 8 Weeks)
  • Build Y0ur Own Website – HTML/CSS Development (Standard Lengthen – 8 Weeks)
  • Digital Media Literacy (+ Understand Fake News) & HTML/CSS (Standard Lengthen – 8 Weeks)
  • Introduction to Python Programming (Standard Lengthen – 8 Weeks)
  • Online and Social Media Safety (Standard Lengthen – 8 Weeks)
  •  Cyber-Safety (Presentation – CAS, Resource CAS Directed, Research Paper – CAS Directed – Full Day)

Business Disciplines

  • Strategic Management (Standard Lengthen – 8 Weeks)
  • Business for Beginners (Standard Lengthen – 8 Weeks)
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Standard Lengthen – 8 Weeks)

The skills demand for ICT talent is a global one. By 2025, it is estimated that there will be a shortage of up to 864,000 ICT professionals across the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA).

(DES, ICT Skills Action Plan 2023)

Duration: The standard duration is 8 weeks but as all programmes are bespoke we can tailored to suit your requirements module length and material used is flexible.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Mr. Trevor Murphy MSc – Head of Training and Development at 087-6873933 or email

New Self Directed TY Programmes

Exciting New Options To Enhance Your Students TY Learning EXperience

MakeThatCourse: MakeThatCourse™ Is A 30-Hour Programme Which Allows Students To Create Their Own Online Course – The core of this programme is Business, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & ICT – Students are placed into teams.

  • Self-directed learning, aids with a transition to maturity. – This is a students lead programme!
  • Each module gives audio and visual directions.
  • Prepare TY students for the modern workplace.
  • Mobile-friendly – students can work in school or home.

For More Information – Click Here An Engaging CyberSafety Training Programme For Transition Year Students In Your School.

  • Self-directed learning, aids with a transition to maturity. – This is a students lead programme!
  • Engaging CyberSafety Programme For TY Students
  • Delivered Any Time During Year Multiple Times If Needed
  • Provides TY Students With Insight On How To Create A Research Paper

For More Information – Click Here

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Together We Get Better!

Topical, Engaging Programmes