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Welcome To Computing At Schools

Computing At Schools (CAS) is here to aid the Primary Sector, Post-Primary Schools and Educational Centres in Ireland. We provide training and resources across a wide spectrum including such areas as Computer Science (CS), Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Cyber Safety. We live in an ever-increasing digital world, together let’s ensure our students not only survive but excel!

Students can avail of the Virtual Teacher from School or Home

We offer a Live Online Teacher for all activities!

We provide Off-Site and In-House Computing and Coding Teacher Training CPD for
both the Primary & Post-Primary Sectors along with area resources.
Computing at Schools has partnered with the Irish Computer Society (ICS) to promote
and aid the implementation of ECDL Schools Kits into both the Primary & Post-Primary
Sectors. ICT should not be replaced by CS both are required to arm our students with modern skill sets.
Cyber Safety
Educating Primary and Post-Primary schools to educate their Students, Teachers, and Parents how to stay safe online. We specialise in and in-house student seminars and the creation of Acceptable Use Policies which are a requirement for all schools.
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