Leaving Certificate Computer Science Strand 2: Cross-cutting Core Concepts – Part-2

Leaving Certificate Computer Science Off-Site

Strand 2 – Part 2: Core Concepts – Data + Evaluation and Testing

This one day workshop will be run on a Saturday to facilitate teachers and principals to travel and give the attendees the tools, skills, material and confidence to delivery.

This strand introduces 2 core concepts that represent major content areas in the field of computer science: Data, and Evaluation and testing. The core concepts are developed theoretically and applied practically. In this way, conceptual classroom-based learning is intertwined with experimental computer lab-based learning throughout the two years of the course.

What will be covered?

S2: Data
Students learn about Elements Students should be able to Material Action
9. Boolean, integer, real, char, string, date, array 2.16 Use data types that are common to procedural high-level languages Supplied Supplied
10. 8-bit ASCII Non-Roman character sets Unicode: UTF-8, Emojis 2.17 Use ASCII and Unicode character sets to encode/decode a message and consider the importance of having such standards Supplied Supplied
11. Information systems 2.18 Collect, store and sort both continuous and discrete data Supplied Supplied
S2: Evaluation and testing
Students learn about Elements Students should be able to Material Action
12. Debugging Testing: Unit test, Function test, System test 2.19 Test solutions and decisions to determine their short-term and long-term outcomes Supplied Supplied
2.20 Identify and fix/debug warnings and errors in computer code and modify as required Supplied Supplied
2.21 Critically reflect on and identify limitations in completed code and suggest possible improvements Supplied Supplied
2.22 Explain the different stages in software testing Supplied Supplied

Notepad++ & Python all are available free from here

To get the most from the day you will need to download the following programmes onto your laptop:You will need a laptop on the day!

We also cover this material as an in-house option where we visit your school. For further information please email trevor@computingatschools.ie 

Next Workshop

Locations:           Venue:                                           Dates:                                      Day:

Limerick                Maldron Hotel Limerick                29th February 2020                Saturday

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Further Workshops

We are continuously receiving inquiries about the next upcoming Phase 1 workshop. This will be scheduled based on demand. If you are interested please forward an email to trevor@computingatschools.ie stating your location of preference. Limerick, Cork or Dublin.

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